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Infolady ICT Training in Jessore

Infolady Social Entrepreneurship Program(ISEP) team arranged a three days training on Information and Communications Technology-ICT at Dnet Jessore regional office in 22 to 24 June. Saiduzzaman Pulak and Nasim Al Awal trained the infoladies during this session. 10 Infoladies participated in the training. Infoladies were provided with adequate knowledge about ICT, which included potential ICT business scope, basic computer learning, photography and photo editing, skype and many more. As the marginal level people didn’t have the access of internet and ICT, they were eager and responsive to the training.
Before the ICT training, the infoladies also took part in Health care and basic training. Through this training Infoladies completed their full training session of being an Infolady. And now they can work as full-fledged Infolady.