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business Model new

Customer Segment [CS]

  • Category A: Marginalized population, specifically women and children
  • Category B: The young women who can become an Infolady
  • Category C: Government, donors, companies and financial institutions

Customer Relationships [CR]

  • Personal assistance for Customer-A
  • Customer care center for Customer-B
  • Self-learning tools for Customer-B
  • mComplaint and mService platform for Customer A & B
  • Promotional offer for all categories of customers
  • Impact report for Customer-C
  • Online reporting system/ERP for Customer B & C.

Channels [CH]

  • Infolady on direct sales, yard meeting, local events for Customer-A
  • Local Hub, local media, social media, upward and backward linkage for Customer-B
  • Social media, web portal, social events for Customer-C

Value Propositions [VP]

Customer-A: Information driven service and related products, Services at door steps with reasonable price, access to market for sales of production, empathy of Infolady.

Customer-B: Skills and connection with latest information technology, decent self-employment within the community, social recognition and acceptance, part of globally recognized brand.


  • For government- a doorstep system to promote rights and entitlement programs.
  • For donor- A reliable platform to make their social investment worthy and good cause for development.
  • For business companies- an alternative channel for sales and marketing, and a door-step distribution channel.
  • For financial institutions- A reliable model to enhance outreach of financial products, and demonstrate social commitment.

Key Activities [KA]

  • Resource mobilization
  • Income generating activity design
  • Capacity building training
  • Infolady network expansion
  • Information platform MGT
  • Customer relationship MGT platform
  • Partnership development with stakeholders
  • Research and Development
  • Establish and management of top-down and bottom-up supply chain

Key Resources [KR]

  • Human resources: training, finance management, program operation, business and product development, partnership development, technology development personnel etc.
  • Instinctual resources: Brand guideline, business model, operation guideline, product copyright, content, customer database, ERP, ICT knowledge, impact report etc.
  • Financial resources: Capital for scaling and operation, training for Infoladies, partial support for Infoladies, content development, supply chain establishment etc.

Key Partnerships [KP]

  • institutions for program execution support and getting peoples’ confidence.
  • Development partners to bring livelihood lifting solutions at hard to reach areas.
  • Corporate, importers, MNC to generate service delivery income and CSR fund for social purpose.
  • Funding agencies to support social entrepreneurship
  • Commercial agencies who need extension hand for sales enhancement.

Cost [C$]

  • Initiation cost and Recreant cost for Infolady, HUB and Dnet

Revenue [R$]

  • Grant, donation, social investment, loan, brokerage fees, licensing fees, advertisement for activation, subscription fees; ERP usage by Infolady and service sales by Infolady