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Infolady Sathi

People use to speak badly about Saathi, her own father used to curse her every day. But after she became an Infolady, everything changed for her. The community people saw Saathi change into a different person. From a shy scared little girl, she became a confident, independent and empowered young woman. Every day early morning, she is out on the roads with her bicycle.

Infolady Shila

Shila, a 21 year old girl is from Rangichara, a village of kulaura thana of Moulavibazar. Shila has 5 siblings. Her family used to live in a small, fenced-in house near a tea garden. Shila’s father, Sharupana, worked as a small farmer but his income barely supported the family.

Infolady Shuma

In the district of Bagura, in a small village named Khamarkandi, our Infolady Shuma was born. Shuma’s mother had only one dream, the dream of making her daughter educated and independent; but things didn’t happen according to her wish.

Infolady Shamima

Shamima is an Infolady, she used to work on a nutrition project for a local institution earlier. But she was at her wit’s end over what to do after her tenure expired. Her husband did not earn that much to bear the family expenses. On the other hand household expenses kept rising including school costs of her two children.

Infolady Afruza

Afruza was born to a poor farmer of Kuptala Union under Gaibandha’s Sadr upazila. She is the eldest of seven sisters. She had no brothers and that was always a cause of tension besides of course the fact that they were poor. Afruza’s father used to be stressed out all the time trying to make ends meet for his nine-member household.