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Infolady creates multi-layered impacts on the lives of her community people, through offering information-knowledge and allied services using variety of ICTs. For example- after giving advice on family planning to women, she offers contraceptive of choice. She also helps citizens to get information on government entitlement benefits applying Right to Information Act 2009. There are many other services, which facilitate productive decision making by the citizens as well as exercising rights. Thus, she helps marginalized citizens (specifically women) to overcome structural constraints and create opportunities for informed choice through access to information, relevant services and products at the doorstep, thereby improving the general condition of living.

This model has already created more than 50 women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who earn around USD 200 per month. These entrepreneurs have reached over 400,000 rural citizens till date. At the same time, the model created positive impact on citizen’s wellbeing by addressing issues of agriculture, family planning, personal-hygiene, pregnancy healthcare, child education, and women agency in rural communities.

The benefit of the community in financial terms, coined as Benefit of Investment (BOI) was 15.97 times higher on the original investment. The endeavor has enabled rural women to challenge the status-quo by establishing rights to ride bi-cycles in 400 communities.

Direct beneficiaries till date

  • Infolady reached over 400,000 rural citizens and provided information driven services and related products in the areas of healthcare, family planning, personal-hygiene, agriculture, child education and ICTs.
  • Infolady enlightened 25000 rural citizens on the use of Rights to Information (RTI) Act 2009.
  • Infolady assisted 3000 citizens for filing application to the government institutions for information using the RTI Act 2009
  • Infolady assisted and helped 250 marginalized citizens who received government guaranteed safety-net benefit.

Indirect beneficiaries till date

  • Over 1.3 million rural citizens benefited indirectly through the Infolady initiatives.