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Shamima is an Infolady, she used to work on a nutrition project for a local institution earlier. But she was at her wit’s end over what to do after her tenure expired. Her husband did not earn that much to bear the family expenses. On the other hand household expenses kept rising including school costs of her two children. Shamima was desperate and struggling very hard to meet her household expenses. She became desperate for a job. She went virtually from door to door asking acquaintances and friends for a job. It was at this stage that the helpless Shamima heard an announcement one afternoon. The announcement was for women’s recruitment with Infoladyprogram after screening. She was ready to clutch at straws at the point. And the announcement gave her a lifeline. Shamima had always looked towards becoming an entrepreneur and had little interest in a salaried job.

She was more interested to become a woman entrepreneur after hearing about Infolady. Shamimainformed about the program from local infolady hubs and eventually she was selected after the screening. She started her journey as infolady with little money what she could save from her scholarship and training.

Shamima said after working as an infolady, now she could help more people than she used to do before. It is new dimension for her. Shamima has always been keen to talk to people and get to know them. Shamima said “This is what actually got me more interested in infolady, now I have opportunity to visit around village to village. I tried to help people in their hard times and they respect me for my efforts”

“An Infolady provides manifold services, among them pregnancy test is her favourite”, Shamima said. According to her, the good news of the arrival of a child never fails to bring smiles which, she says, are priceless. She loves being the one to tell the would-be parents about the new life they are about to be part of. Besides, she also likes to arrange the government social allowance programme for widows and the elderly people.

Nonethelessafter all the works Shamima still felt unsatisfied, as if she could do more but she could not. She went through another phase of hardship in 2014 when she lost her house and all the land to river erosion. At that time, Dnet’sInfloday Programme came to aid her and helped the family turn around with substantial financial assistance. Shamima started up a grocery store with part of that money, which is run by her husband and children. Now, she is doing much better amid her family and with the love and respect of her community.

Before people used to call her PuushtiApa (puushti means nutrition in English) now people callher TotthokolyaniApa. Shamima has always been eager to help others and now she has more scope to doing this as an Infolady. Shamima also gets to enlighten people’s lives with knowledge and information.