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The basic principle of services provided by Infolady is information + service, or information + service + product. The Infolady offers four kinds of services: health care service, agriculture extension service, ICT services, and activation services. For example, an Infolady offers pregnancy care service to a pregnant woman, where she demonstrates multimedia content on pregnancy care using her laptop, makes regular check-ups using a medical kit and sells allied products like folic acid. The data collected during the check-up also determines the risk level of a pregnant mother and then she connects her with a facility. Infolady sells seeds and the transfer technology to women for household agriculture. An Infolady sells the service of other agencies as well. For example, the mobile banking service offered by a bank. An Infolady also facilitates the access to various services not readily available to a marginalized community. An Infolady earns from NGOs for offering this service and the beneficiaries receive the service free of cost.

An Infolady has a smart phone and Internet connection, which allows her to update daily transaction data through an integrated system.

Since the Infoladies have been trained in the areas of health and agriculture, and also carry many offline related content on their laptops, people living in the remote areas are benefited, by, say, a video describing how to resolve an agriculture related problem. Infoladies also make the people aware of various health problems and provide them with services such as measurement of blood glucose levels and blood pressure.